Game Over – Streaming Now!

By December 27, 2017Radio drama

Sarah is beyond excited to share this BBC Radio 4 afternoon drama about indie game development (listenable for 30 days; US, UK, Canada only.) Game Over reunites her with Drone Pilots director/producer Judith Kampfner, who asked Sarah for ideas for a contemporary American drama. Sarah suggested the games world, and happily referred a few of her favorite actors and game writers – Judith ultimately hit it off with none other than brilliant narrative designer, interactive fiction queen, and fellow Where the Water Tastes Like Wine contributor Emily Short.

Game Over is the story of indie developer Chelsea’s struggle to create and release a meaningful game about climate change, all while balancing work and life, staying connected and transparent with her fanbase, and butting heads with more successful dev Harrison, who controls the purse strings and has design stipulations of his own.

Below, the wonderful cast discovers What Is Game:

Game Over