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Member Game Audio Network Guild Voice Actor’s Coalition


GX3 – Voice Acting 103

Answered audience questions with game voiceover heavyweights Jennifer Hale, Adam Harrington, and Brian Sommer.

GX3 – Building Believable Fantasy Worlds

Moderated a conversation with Dragon Age Head Writer David Gaider and Senior Cinematics Designer Dan Plunkett.

SAG Foundation – Interactive Storytelling

Spoke on a panel moderated by Matthew Weise about the business and technique of performing for games, alongside Logan Cunningham, Navid Khonsari, Chase Marotz, and Charles J Pratt.

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014 Keynote

Gave a shared keynote with writer/actor Ashly Burch on disrupting traditional AAA ‘everymen’ as default hero/player character.

Ric Chivo – 10 Responsibilities of a Game Developer, Lost Levels 2014

Ric Chivo has been in the business long enough to tell all you upstart indies how to get your s*#t together. Sarah was his booth babe. (Heavy sarcasm; real points.)


2016 IndieCade Awards – Co-Host and Co-Producer

Co-host with Asher Vollmer of the 2016 IndieCade Awards, and co-produced the show.

Easy Update – For Honor Alpha

Also known as Future Ian, Sarah sat down to talk viking voices with Ian Hinck.

2015 IndieCade Awards – Red Carpet Interviews

Co-host/interviewer with Anthony Carboni on the red carpet at the 2015 IndieCade Awards.

Squarebowl III – Final Fantasy IX

Behind-the-scenes on Square Bowl III, joining a crew of friends playing Final Fantasy IX straight through to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Squarebowl II – Final Fantasy VIII

Guest on a marathon full-playthrough livestream of Final Fantasy VIII, hosted/organized by Adriel Wallick and Teddy Dief, with donations going to excellent The AbleGamers Charity.

IndieCade Twitch

Recurring guest/co-host on IndieCade streams, showcasing the most innovative new indie games and talking shop with developers.

Geek & Sundry – IndieCade Guest

Recurring guest on behalf of IndieCade on boardgame show “Gather Your Party”, Fridays 7-10pm PST at the Geek & Sundry Twitch stream.


Playscape: LA Podcast

Sat down with developer Teddy Dief to talk about work, life, and inspiration in Los Angeles.

Rami Randomly Calls…Sarah Elmaleh

Skyped with developer/advocate Rami Ismail for an intimate and wide-ranging conversation about games and voiceover, as art and practice.

Kill Screen Feature – Anna from Resonance

Danielle Riendeau wrote a feature on the significance of Resonance’s female lead, interviewing writer/designer Vince Wesselman and Sarah, Anna’s voice actor.

Script Lock – Episode 19 with Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr

Sat down with Uncharted 4 co-writer Josh Scherr to talk game writing and performance on Max and Nick Folkman’s very excellent podcast.

One Life Left – Official GDC Podcast, 2013 Episode 1

Joined writer/developer/academic Matthew S Burns on the One Life Left podcast, hosted by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Michael Frederickson. (Sarah and Matthew start at 45min in, after a bunch of other game dev rockstars.)

Game Audio Network Guild Voice Actor’s Coalition Podcast

Interviewed by the other members of GVAC about background, experience, and approach to game voiceover.