Commercial and promo credits available upon request

For Honor (videogame)

The Raider  (lead)

Khris Brown, voice director

Gone Home (videogame)

Katie (player character)

Steve Gaynor, director
The Fullbright Company

Game Over (radio drama)

Chelsea (lead)

Judith Kampfner, director
BBC Radio 4

Mike & Molly (TV)

Isabelle (V.O.)

Melissa McCarthy, director

Pyre (videogame)

Pamitha, Tamitha, Demon, Cur

Darren Korb, audio director
Supergiant Games

Galak-Z (videogame)

Beam (lead)

Jake Kazdal, director

Drone Pilots (radio drama)

Airman Andras (lead)

Judith Kampfner, director
BBC Radio 4

Uncharted 4 (videogame)

Hero Savior (multiplayer)

Becky Dodd, director
Naughty Dog

Final Fantasy XV (videogame)

Additional Voices

Keythe Farley, director
Square Enix

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (videogame)

CDP Lightning Pilot, Mothership Pilot, RAPS Pilot (multiplayer)

Keythe Farley, director

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (videogame)

Valice Varan, Sicario

Michael Csurics, director

2064: Read Only Memories (videogame)

Lexi Rivers (lead)

Matt Conn, director

Skulls of the Shogun (videogame)

Sakura, Yuki, DLC Player Character (featured)

Jake Kazdal, director

Gravity Ghost (videogame)

Hickory, Mom, Deer Guardian (featured)

Erin Robinson, director
Ivy Games

Resonance (videogame)

Anna (lead)

Dave Gilbert, director
Wadjet Eye Games

Codename Cygnus (interactive radio drama)

Miss Honeybourne (lead)

Jonathon Myers & Dave Grossman, directors
Reactive Studios

Cherry Money Baby (audiobook)

Reader (dialect-heavy)

Lisa Kahn, director
Brilliance Audio

Theater (NYC)

GORMANZEE & Other Stories

Sarah/Chimpanzee (featured)

Anna Moench, playwright/co-director
The Flea, Spoke the Hub

Arok of Java

Featured dancer/villager

Ed Iskandar, director
Exit, Pursued by a Bear

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Claire Gresham, director
Truffle Theatre Company

Around the World in 80 Days 
(live-theater radio drama)

Aouda, (5 others), SFX

Sydnie Grosberg Ronga, director
Gotham Radio Theatre

Cloud Nine (reading)


Lafayette Salon Series
The Players Club

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Dana (featured)

Paige Blansfield, director
The Brick Theater (Game Play Festival)

Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice, Hero

Jill Ahrold, director
Spontaneous Shakespeare

Helen Stoner, SFX

Sydnie Grosberg Ronga, director
Gotham Radio Theatre

Great Eastern (staged reading)

Jane (featured)

Jeremy Bloom, director
the QuaDs, the Tank

The Backroad Homeshow
(improvised vaudeville act)

Ballerina/Star Wars trivia girl (featured)

Jean Ann Douglass, director
The Lost Horizon Night Market


Ash’s Date (featured)

Justin Yngelmo, director

Google (industrial)

Assistant (featured)

Patrik Bergh, director
B Reel Productions

Waiting for the End of the World (short film)

Diane Mendelchuck (featured)

Matthew Esolda, director

Stasis (short film)

Olive (lead)

Jeremy Paul, director
First Cut Studios

(video for live concept album performance)

Preppy student/dancer

Arian Moayed, director

Tomorrowlogue (short film)

Kate (lead)

Max and Nick Folkman, writer/directors

Long Holiday (short film)

Velouria (lead)

Nate Halpern, director

A Star Close to Home (short film)

Blanche (featured)

Katie Goldschmidt, director

Can a Woman Be Rendered Agreeable? (short film)

First Fembot (featured)

Jared M. Silver, director
InfiniBall Productions

Hedectrin (spoof commercial)

Makeup girl/Voiceover

Swords Comedy

Other experience/training/skills


  • On-camera: Bob Krakower, Jaret Sacrey (commercial)
  • Improv comedy: Armando Diaz, Mark Grenier, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney. Blaine Swen (Improvised Shakespeare workshop)
  • British American Drama Academy: Irina Brown (Shakespeare), Barry Kyle & Leo Wringer (Contemporary), Linda Gates (Voice), Estelle Kohler & Bill Homewood (Auditioning), Ben Benison (Movement). Guest teachers/speakers: Sir John Barton, Julian Glover, Deborah Warner, Saffron Burrows, David Harewood, Henry Goodman, David Schwimmer, and Brian Cox
  • Wesleyan University: Yuriy Kordonskiy (Chekhov), Dan Cantor (Stanislavski), Gay Smith (script analysis)

Special Skills

  • Language: Proficiency in French and Japanese. Many accents/dialects (e.g. British Isles, including RP); quick study
  • Music: current – pop/alt/musical theater singing voice (alto-mezzo); past – classical voice, Japanese drumming, bass guitar
  • Dance: current – intermediate social Argentine tango. Past – ballet (10 years), Broadway (4 years), Bharatanatyam (classical Indian, 4 years). Some jazz, modern, character, salsa, swing, flamenco, Bollywood, traditional Japanese and Balinese
  • Misc: Tall-ship sailing (schooners), Japanese tea ceremony (past – Urasenke, own toolset), swimming, knitting, typing (over 60 wpm), basic voice sound editing. Driver’s license (stickshift), U.S. passport


  • Kids: Young Storytellers (performer), Cartoon Voices for Kids (teacher)
  • That’s Voiceover!: Finalist, 2011
  • English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition: regionals 2001 and 2002, placed 2nd in 2002