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Sarah stars as the female Freelancer (player character) in this visually stunning online multiplayer action RPG, from famed story-driven developer BioWare.


Performance capture; Action. (Haluk and the Freelancer confront an errant cypher.)

Sarah provided both the female voice and sole performance capture data for the Freelancer (player character) in BioWare’s Anthem. A huge BioWare fan since Knights of the Old Republic, this job was her dream come true.

For pcap cutscenes mostly in first-person (using mainly voice data) but occasionally third-person (body + voice, sometimes face), Sarah connected the player with the colorful characters of Fort Tarsis. She built trust and camaraderie with her castmates in the motion capture volume over many months, helping to develop and set their characters’ relationship dynamics, while keeping the player experience ever in mind.

In the booth, her challenge was to balance a wide emotional range with consistency, as the Freelancer can be playful or serious in moments of intimacy and intensity alike. Sarah focused on stakes, relationships, and purpose to carry the Freelancer through many hours of varying moods, settings, and circumstances.

Tags: Performance Capture, Game, Voiceover, Anthem


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Sarah Elmaleh

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