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Sarah Elmaleh

Sarah Elmaleh is an actor, consultant and event organizer with a passion for collaborative creation - both as a seasoned performer and as an advocate for best practices in the games industry.

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A Voice for Collaboration

Best known for roles in critically acclaimed indie games (Gone Home, Afterparty, Pyre) and high-profile AAA titles (Gears 5, For Honor, Anthem), Sarah has over a decade of experience giving her voice to interactive projects. She also provided performance capture for Anthem’s Freelancer (lead/player character), setting the dynamics with her castmates in key ensemble scenes.

Led by her desire to foster stronger collaboration within games and across creative communities, she has been an organizing force in games spaces and institutions for many years. After serving as Game Maker Relations for IndieCade, she has acted as recurring director and co-host of the IndieCade Awards. She is also the cofounder of online, multilingual free games conference gamedev.world.

Sarah is devoted to cultivating meaningful exchange between game developers and the actor’s union, SAG-AFTRA. She has extended this into a consultancy, offering developers assistance with the union, casting, and voice direction process.



Sarah’s most prominent roles have been in videogames, where she brings a lifelong love of games and years of games performance experience to her work. Creatively, she is energized by interactive experiences that model authentic...


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Sarah is living her best villain life as the ruthless, decadent Cube Queen.

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Gears 5

Sarah made a strong impression in the latest entry in the iconic third-person shooter franchise for Xbox as Lizzie, the feisty first female Carmine.

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Star Wars: Squadrons

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, Sarah is thrilled to provide an Imperial pilot player voice - inspired by Mandalorians past - in EA Motive's richly immersive space combat game.

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Sarah stars as the female Freelancer (player character) in this visually stunning online multiplayer action RPG, from famed story-driven developer BioWare.

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The followup to hit indie adventure game Oxenfree, Afterparty is a wickedly funny game about out-drinking the devil - on his home turf. Sarah plays Lucifer’s cool, mysterious sister, Apollyon.

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For Honor

In this multiplayer melee-dueling action game from Ubisoft pitting vikings against samurai against knights, Sarah channels unbridled righteous rage as the campaign’s female Viking Raider.

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October 6, 2021Game,Voiceover,Video

Cube Queen - Lobby Track (Song)!

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October 24, 2021Voiceover,Speaking,Advocacy,IndieCade,Video

2021 IndieCade Awards!

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Kind Words

Through hundreds of hours of VO and PCAP sessions, Sarah has been a dream to work with. Her understanding of both the medium and the process make her an indispensable collaborator both in and out of the booth. Her passion for her work is contagious, the professionalism she brings to set makes my job as Dialog Supervisor a walk in the park. I know I’m going to get everything I need and more when I book her and the day is going to be as fun as it is productive.

When I work with Sarah I know that I am getting much more than a great voice, I’m getting someone who understands on a deep level what makes game dialog impactful and emotional. Sarah is already one of the great voice actors for games and I know that I will be calling her for every project I work on.”

Patrick MichalakDialogue Coordinator at Insomniac, formerly BioWare


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Sarah Elmaleh

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