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Gears 5

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Sarah made a strong impression in the latest entry in the iconic third-person shooter franchise for Xbox as Lizzie, the feisty first female Carmine.


Highlights from Lizzie's explosive entrance to her (SPOILER) epic end.

Honored to join a beloved family of iconic redshirts, Sarah is the voice of the first female Carmine in the Gears of War universe. Elizabeth, better known as Lizzie, was written to be tough, fierce and no holds barred (or hecks given.) Her explosive entrance and - spoiler alert - epic end seemed to resonate with players ready for a new Carmine to leave her own distinct mark on the Gears story.

The character evolved further through many densely packed sessions of multiplayer dialogue, as the writers picked up on some of the wilder (and goofier) elements of Sarah’s performance, and she fed off their tweaks in return. More than stoic, capable of surprising herself in fear, bloodthirst, and triumph, Lizzie gained new layers and more fans as they piloted her through round after round of combat.

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Sarah Elmaleh

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