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Halo: Infinite

Category: Acting

Sarah voices a much-foretold Monitor and a bold Spartan in the campaign, and can be chosen as a player voice in multiplayer, in this rapturously received entry in the Halo series.


In-Game: it is Sarah's deep privilege to wear a fancy accent to be tortured by Debra Wilson and interrogated by Jen Taylor.

Sarah was very honored to join the cast of Halo: Infinite, and delighted to see the response from fans and critics alike. The game features a range of accents from Sarah: for special-reveal Despondent Pyre, Monitor of Zeta Halo, she deploys an imperious British RP; gutsy sniper Spartan Nina Kovan hails from Russia; and she's all good old-fashioned US grit for selectable Spartan Multiplayer voiceprint 2FP4.

Tags: Game, Voiceover


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Sarah Elmaleh

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