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Sarah has been director and co-host (with Asher Vollmer) of the IndieCade Awards since 2016. She has served other roles behind the scenes and attended the festival out of love for its mission for the last decade.


2021 IndieCade Awards: Anywhere and Everywhere (still virtual, baby!)

Sarah has been a devoted attendee of IndieCade - dubbed the “Sundance of indie games” by the LA Times - since 2011. IndieCade’s conference and exhibit curation resonate with her own artistic ethos, juxtaposing designed interactive experiences of all formats and origins against one another, cross-pollinating creative communities and expanding the frontier of games as medium. The innovative, wildly talented developers and their energizing projects inspire her every year.

In 2014 Sarah was approached by the festival to act as Game Maker Relations, communicating with the exhibiting developers as their primary point of contact. She conveyed logistical information and fielded questions and concerns from the entire lineup of teams, delivering to the festival all game/PR assets to support/promote the games to press and attendees. In 2015 she ran a tent for sponsored programming, attending to VIP speakers and ensuring that sponsored talks ran smoothly.

Since 2016, Sarah has been director and co-host (alongside Asher Vollmer) of the IndieCade Awards. From tone and direction to structure and content, to inviting presenters and guiding the writing team, to advocating for any and all details affecting the experience of the show, Sarah is passionate, and hands-on, about making the most of this moment to highlight the incredible work showcased at the festival each year.

For more about Sarah’s connection to IndieCade, here is an in-depth Q&A from IndieCade’s newsletter 9/10/19.

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Sarah Elmaleh

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