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Sarah has put together free resources to empower developers, so that everyone may better understand and tackle the process of hiring actors.


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This page serves as a hub for free educational and informational materials around implementing actor performance in games. These are living documents subject to revision or correction in future, and should be considered starting places more than anything else - but they are also the result of years of experience, learning, and input from industry veterans.

The contracts guide above is meant as a primer for the low-budget Interactive contract with the American actor’s union, SAG-AFTRA (with reference to the full-budget Interactive Media Agreement.) Even if you don’t know the first thing about hiring union actors, you can begin here. Please verify any and all details with your union contract representative.

The guide to specs and sides explores the thinking behind and construction of casting materials, to elicit the most apt and exciting auditions from actors. Sarah believes that every developer is served by understanding what goes into casting, even if the ear and intuition of a true casting director is a professional talent worth soliciting where possible.

Once you have your cast, the guide to scheduling actors explains how actors' unique and shifting schedules operate, defines essential industry terms, and outlines how to communicate around scheduling most effectively.

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