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Sarah is co-captain of this free initiative by the Halp Network to help writers hone their scripts, by accurately testing the material through the seasoned instincts and cold-reading skills of veteran game actors.

S.W.A.A.T. (or Specialized Workshops And Actor Tactics) is a free table-read initiative designed to help game developers elevate their games scripts, powered by the Halp Network, and borne of the mind of legendary games performer Jennifer Hale. Sarah joins Jennifer as co-captain, alongside the formidable Cissy Jones.

Writers often extol the value in hearing their dialogue read aloud, a dependable demonstration of believability and flow. With S.W.A.A.T., this test is enhanced by applying the keen instincts and final-quality polish of seasoned games actors.

By virtually recreating table reads, long a staple of other dramatic creation processes, S.W.A.A.T aims to help identify narrative/dialogue issues early in their evolution - or provide independent, high-end affirmation of what’s already in place. Developers have praised the workshops as a cost-effective intervention or check-in opportunity to improve drafts of scenes and character arcs, before embarking on the expensive voice recording and performance capture process.

For more information, FAQ, and to engage S.W.A.A.T. in a virtual table read, visit the Halp Network website.

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