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Sarah believes that everyone benefits - games too - when actors and developers can do their work safely and sustainably, when the space welcomes and retains all talented creators. She is known for fostering conversation and ease of interaction with SAG-AFTRA.


Bloomberg interview on game voiceover and diversity/inclusion in game development.

Sarah believes in nurturing talent prosperity in all corners of the games industry, as a matter of human concern and player reward - in the form of more and stronger games, benefiting from diverse perspectives. She advocates for ambitious community inclusion and support of career longevity wherever possible.

For a number of years she has worked closely with the actor’s union to communicate with and service the games industry, framing union interactions as presumptive good-faith exchange, opportunities for mutual interest and awareness as the starting place of healthy, exciting collaboration.

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Tags: Speaking, Advocacy, Consulting, SAG-AFTRA, GDW


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Sarah Elmaleh

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