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Sarah shares her knowledge of acting, voiceover, and games to demystify them for actors and developers alike, and to empower and invite richer collaboration for all.


Sarah moderates a panel on queer representation and expression in video games, with Khris Brown, Teddy Dief, Erika Ishii, August Black, and Saleem Dabbous. A Queer Vox panel hosted by the Halp Network.

Over the years, Sarah has found that lack of accessibility and trustworthy information obscure both voiceover and game development, hindering the cultivation of diverse, supported communities in these fields, as well as effective collaboration between them. Her teaching ethos is geared toward dispelling misunderstandings and nurturing diverse practitioners, for the greater benefit of artists, collaborators and audiences.

Sarah serves as Vice Principal of Queer Vox, a pay-what-you-can workshop and Discord community to educate and elevate queer voice talent, founded by Principal JP Karliak. She teaches the interactive module of the central Queer Vox voiceover course, and hosts games-oriented office hours, panels, and seminars.

Since 2017, Sarah has co-taught an annual seminar with Crispin Freeman on how to work with voice actors, for the Interactive Media and Games students at the University of Southern California. She is also a recurring guest speaker in classes and events at the New York University Game Center, with the same goal of developing generations of developers fluent in actor practice and perspective.

She offers one-on-one coaching primarily through industry icon Jennifer Hale’s Skillshub.life initiative, helping actors calibrate to the specific and unique work of games performance, and together excavating compelling choices and vivid, authentic circumstances in their auditions.

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Sarah Elmaleh

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