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Sarah brings a comprehensive yet strategic approach to creating a collaborative work environment and enhanced productivity for actors and developers. Learn more about how she supports each project from concept to content completion.

Sarah has spent a decade voicing videogames and developing relationships across the greater game development community, as well as organizing and jurying major games events. She immersed herself in the critical, academic and trade discourse of game development out of a desire to better understand the medium and her developer collaborators. Her acting foundation in theatre shaped her values around collaborative creation, which she now strives to bring to the games performance process as fully, yet strategically, as possible.

Every game calls for a unique array of service offerings, from in-depth guidance or strategy for any/all stages of the performance pipeline, to taking on active responsibilities as paymaster, producer, or casting and/or voice director. Sarah will recommend and provide as much or as little assistance as needed, whether the project is at the earliest stages of considering VO, or about to dive into recording. Her goal is not only for teams to achieve powerful, arresting performances, but to complete production feeling informed and capable - seeing performance as a feasible, value-added feature and powerful instrument in their expressive toolkit moving forward. (To that end, she also provides free informational resources.)

To find out more, and for a free consultation to discuss your needs, reach Sarah via the contact form below, choosing Consulting from the drop-down menu. (For voice direction services only, contact SBV Talent.)

Click here for more information about Sarah’s role in S.W.A.A.T., the free script table-read service.

Click here for a panel walkthrough of the SAG-AFTRA Interactive Low Budget Agreement.

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Sarah Elmaleh

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